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Democracy Education Resource Center (DERC)

The activities of PACE include the creation of a democracy education resource center, the construction of a website dedicated to electoral information, the publication of bi-monthly Election Watch bulletins, organizing roundtables and conferences on electoral issues and possible reforms, regional workshops to build a nation-wide network dedicated to election monitoring and electoral reform, and capacity building training for the staff of the a secretariat created by PACE to carry out all of these activities. As part of its education efforts, PACE is establishing a Democracy  Education Resource Center (DERC) at its office in Yangon. PACE has recognized that there is lack of capacity within the civil society to participate as an equal partner in electoral and political process reform discussions with government officials and others. To address this challenge, PACE creates the DERC as an information clearinghouse on election-related matters that will be available as an online resource portal as well as a physical center where members of civil society organizations in Yangon can have access to its resources.

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