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About Us


Background Information

People’s Alliance for Credible Elections (PACE) is an independent, non-partisan, non-government domestic election observer group based in Yangon. PACE was founded in 2013 to strengthen democratic institutions in Myanmar through safeguarding citizen rights and promoting public participation in the electoral process. To promote transparency, accountability and inclusiveness in the electoral process, PACE will mainly be working on civic and voter education, election observation and electoral reform.

Upholding the principles enshrined in “Universal Declaration of Human Rights”, PACE’s work will be implemented regardless of race, religion and gender.

Moreover, PACE has signed “Declaration of Global Principles for “Nonpartisan Observation and Monitoring” by Citizen Organizations,” which is a document endorsed by more than 260 organization from 75 countries.

Mission Statement

“PACE will work to ensure all citizens political rights including the right to vote and stand for office by engaging in activities that promote citizen participation, safeguard political and civil rights through a program of electoral observation, policy advocacy and civic education.”

Areas of Work

The PACE is an independent civil society initiative to secure every citizen’s political rights and enhance electoral transparency and accountability through:

  • Citizen Observation of Electoral Processes
  • Civic Education and Public Outreach
  • Advocacy for Improve Electoral Framework

PACE’s Activities Highlight

PACE has so far completed the activities working together with people;

Voter List Registration Pilot Project Observation– PACE worked together with over 70 volunteers to observed the voter list display in two areas in Yangon and Chin from July 14th to 18th 2014.

Electoral Environment in Myanmar; A Survey by the PACE– On May 2015, PACE conducted the nation-wide survey to assess the electoral environment of Myanmar recruiting around 500 volunteers and conducting over 3000 interviews.

2015 General Election Observation– PACE conducted the nation–wide Election Observation to observe the process of 2015 General Elections; voter list update, electoral campaigns, advance voting, voter slip distribution and voting process in Election Day on November 8. About 130 LTO and 2000 STO were involved as the volunteers.

Public Opinion on Elections and Expectations of the New Government; Post Elections Survey– In May 2016, PACE  conducted the Post-Election survey  recruiting around 200 volunteers and conducting nearly 2000 interviews.


Contact Us

No. 90, Room# 7A, 7th Floor

Kan Road Condo. Kan Street. Ward 10.

Hlaing Township.

Yangon, Myanmar

Phone: +95 9253379442

E-mail: [email protected]





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