What We Do

The PACE is an independent civil society initiative to secure every citizen’s political rights and enhance electoral transparency and accountability through:

  • Citizen Observation of Electoral Processes
  • Civic Education and Public Outreach
  • Advocacy for Improve Electoral Framework
  • Research

PACE programmes are conducted with the financial support from Department for International Development (DFID/UKaid), National Democratic Institute (NDI), National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA).

PACE Milestones


Years of experience





Mission & Vision

PACE is a nationwide, nonpartisan organization with an international profile that will increase the acceptance of an independent civil society, citizen understanding of the electoral and political process and the government’s understanding of citizen’s priorities by gathering evidence, sharing findings and recommendations, and promoting a more inclusive, transparent and accountable political process.

PACE is an organization that pushes for awareness and change (improvements) in the political process using systematic methods to give voice to citizens who want a democratic transition.


Credibility 100%
Neutrality 100%
Independence 100%
Non-Partisan 100%