2018 By-Election observation process

On May 8, the Union Election Commission (UEC) announced that on November 3 it will conduct by-elections in 38 townships across nine states and regions. Citizens will elect one Amyotha Hluttaw MP, four Pyithu Hluttaw MPs, seven state/regional MPs and one ethnic minister in Mandalay region.

State/Region Township Constituency Type of Election Registered Voters
Chin Kanpetlet Kanpetlet Pyithu Hluttaw MPs _
Shan (South) Laihka Laihka Pyithu Hluttaw MPs _
Yangon Tamwe Tamwe Pyithu Hluttaw MPs  
Mandalay Myingyan Myingyan Pyithu Hluttaw MPs  
Kachin Myitkyina Myitkyina Amyotha Hluttaw MP  
Chin Matupi Matupi State/Regional MPs  
Sagaing Tamu Tamu State/Regional MPs  
Bago Oktwin Oktwin State/Regional MPs  
Mandalay Thabeikkyin Thabeikkyin State/Regional MPs  
Rakhine Rathedaung Rathedaung State/Regional MPs  
Magway Minbu Minbu State/Regional MPs  
Yangon Seikkan Seikkan State/Regional MPs  
Mandalay All Townships Shan Ethnic Minister Ethnic Minister  
The UEC has release the following dates regarding the election process. It has not yet released a full and detailed calendar for the 2018 by-elections.

PACE will deploy long- and short-term observers to the 12 townships where citizens will elect Amyotha, Pyithu or state/region hluttaw MPs. PACE will monitor the following aspects of the election process. PACE will conduct this observation using proven systematic methodologies and international best practices on domestic election observation. PACE observers are non-partisan and conduct their work in accordance with the UEC and PACE codes of conduct.

Box 1

Voters’ Perception of the Voter List and Voter Registration (Survey)

In June, PACE enumerators conducted more than 1,200 face-to-face interviews from randomly sampled villages and wards to gauge the level of knowledge and awareness about the voter registration process and voter list display.

Preliminary Finding Report

Box 2

Voter List Display

PACE will deploy more than 120 observers to display centers to monitor the two-week voter list display in July.

Box 2 Copy

Political Campaign Environment

During the 60-day campaign period before the polls, PACE will deploy 12 long-term observers to conduct interviews with candidates, voters, and UEC sub-commissions, and monitor campaign rallies occurring in their designated areas.

Box 6

Advance Voting

In the week prior to the election, PACE will deploy observers to assess the quality of advance voting process for citizens voting inside their constituency. PACE will also monitor out-of-constituency advance voting if it is open to observers and public information on its timing and locations is available in advance.

Box 4

Election Day Process

On November 3, PACE observers will assess the quality of the election process, from the setup of the polling stations to the counting of results. PACE will deploy the observers to randomly selected polling stations across the by-election townships.

Box 5

Tabulation of Election Results

On November 3 and 4, PACE will deploy monitors to 12 townships to observe as the election subcommissions tabulate election results.