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The 2016 post-electoral survey was the second nationwide survey conducted by PACETo carry out the survey, PACE recruited and trained 167 volunteers to carry out the survey by randomly selecting households, conducting interviews and returning questionnaires to PACE. Six two-day enumerator trainings were conducted in Yangon and Mandalay and included interview role-plays and practical exercises in household and respondent selection. Additionally, 17 state/region coordinators were assigned to oversee the work of enumerators. Finally, 15 volunteers were trained to conduct data entry for the survey findings.

The Goal of Survey

In May 2016, PACE conducted a post-election survey to identify priorities for electoral reform and to identify knowledge gaps in civic education by probing:

  • Public’s attitudes and opinions about democracy and elections
  • Public knowledge and views towards priority issues on the electoral reform
  • Public awareness and expectations towards the political institutions and the newly elected officials

In May 2015, PACE also conducted a pre-election survey to understand the public opinion on elections. Some questions from the 2015 survey were repeated in this 2016 survey to compare changes since the elections.

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