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The survey of pre-election survey of Yangon Regional ward/village-tract election

PACE and its partner Generation Tree worked together to conduct a pre-election survey of Yangon Regional ward/village-tract elections. We recruited 51 enumerators and deployed them from December 7th to 10th in 100 sample locations to interview 1000 respondents (10 people in each sample location) and to collect the personal data of 500 electoral supervisory members (5 people in each sample location). The enumerators have successfully completed 797 interviews and collected the personal data of 450 electoral supervisory members.

PACE and Generation tree released the finding of the pre-election survey on December 16 and organized the press conference at Central Hotel and 11 people from 11 different media both printed and broadcast, were present and asked the questions of the findings. The survey found that women and youth participation in the local elections is extremely low, and most respondents want the universal suffrage for the kind of local elections that currently allow one vote for one household. Besides, the practices of election process differ from one village to another village and one ward to another ward according to interviews with super ivories team from different wards and villages. Therefore, PACE and generation tree gave the following specific recommendations for the reform process,

  1. To change the law to guarantee the universal suffrage;
  2. To promote public participation including women/youth participation in ward/village-tract elections removing the barriers from existing laws and conducting voter education;
  3. To make the consistent regulations and laws for all ward/village-tract elections work together CSOs and relative stakeholders;
  4. To allow the official citizens election observations;
  5. To make the transparency of electoral process announcing the election days, detailed election calendar and voter list in advance publicly.
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