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October 27 , 2015 Press Release: Preliminary Finding of Campaign Monitoring

Campaign Monitoring: Key Findings
From September 8-October 18, PACE Long-Term Observers (LTOs) deployed across the country to 129 townships to observe the campaign environment. One hundred nine (109) townships were selected across all states and regions in proportion to the number of polling
stations there. An additional 20 townships were selected to show the campaign environment in “hot spot” areas, including places with high profile candidates, a history of problematic elections, a high number of migrant workers, on-going conflict or inter-communal tensions.
PACE conducted 2,662 interviews with candidates from four party categories: the Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP),
the National League for Democracy (NLD), other big parties in the township, and small parties and independents. In weekly interviews, PACE
asked candidates questions about their campaign activities and challenges that they faced.
PACE also observed 1,607 rallies of candidates from four party categories: USDP, NLD, other big parties in the township, and small parties and independents. PACE did not observe informal party gatherings or other political events conducted by other actors. In some locations, PACE could not observe rallies in very remote locations due to logistical challenges.
The information below represents the viewpoints of individual candidates interviewed and the rallies observed in the townships where PACE was active. This information does not include activities or viewpoints of party headquarters, other party supporters or other groups and does
not include inform ation from townships where PACE did not observe. It also does not include information about activities conducted by parties or candidates before the official campaign period began.

Download Press Release: Preliminary finding of Campaign Monitoring (ENG)

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