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November 8 , 2015: Press Summary

November 8 , 2015: Press Summary

Press Summary
On November 8, PACE deployed nonpartisan observers in polling stations in all states and regions. From reports received thus far, most PACE observers have been able to observe the process. PACE has received isolated reports of observers being forced to leave polling
stations due to overcrowding, not allowed inside before voting began, and being prevented from using observer forms. So far, PACE observers have been able to access polling stations. However despite receiving multiple levels of permission from the Yangon Election Sub
– Commission and the Yangon Regional Government, PACE was prevented from observing polling stations in Cocokyun Township because transportation to the island was restricted.
Sai Ye Kyaw Swar Myint of PACE said, “We hope the UEC will ensure full transparency in the election process and allow observers to have
sufficient access.”
PACE hopes that voters will participate and that the process will remain peaceful.
Due to problems in the communication network, PACE has not been able to contact observers in parts of Kachin, Northern Shan, Chin, Sagaing and Kayah. In addition, PACE has noted a busy network in central regions. PACE is in the process of collecting all reports from around the country. PACE plans to release its preliminary findings on the conduct of election day tomorrow, November 9th.
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