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September 21, 2015: Preliminary Findings of Voter List Update Monitoring

From September 14-­‐20, PACE observed 421 display centers across all states and regions in a roughly equal number of urban and rural display locations.The key findings in those locations are :
Voter Education
There was a lack of voter education materials and activities in and around a significant percentage of centers observed. As observers are only observing in and around the immediate vicinity of the center, it is possible that voter education activities could be happening in other locations.
§ At approximately 45% of observed centers, PACE did not see any voter education materials.
§ At approximately 64% of observed centers, PACE did not see any voter education activities.
Presence of Political Parties and CSOs
During the first week of observation, PACE found that at most centers observed, there were no political party representatives or other CSO volunteers present.
§ At approximately 87% of observed centers, PACE did not see any political party representatives.
§ At approximately 79% of observed centers, PACE did not see any other civil society volunteers.
Turnout and Submission ofChanges
As PACE observers went to different display centers and remained the whole day, observers were able to see how many voters have come and checked their names on the list. In centers PACE has observed, LTOs have seen low turnout overall, and there are not large numbers of people requesting additions or changes to the list.
DisplayCenter Management and Materials
To understand the administrative procedures of the centers, PACE observed whether centers were opened during the official opening hours and whether the required forms to add, delete and object were available to voters to ensure that voters’ changes can be resolved according to UEC’s guidelines.
§ While most centers observed were open during the officially designated hours, a sizable percentage (19%) was not opened during the designated hours.
§ A higher percentage of centers observed in rural areas were not opened during designated hours, compared to those in urban areas.
§ 92% of centers that opened and were observed by PACE had all necessary for ms and displayed the voters list.
§PACE received a small number of incident reports that officials in some centers were recording changes without using official forms.
Intimidation and Interference
A safe environment is one of the most important factors contributing to voter turnout. PACE observed whether any intimidation occurred in and around the centers. In nearly all of the centers PACE observed, we did not see intimidation of voters or interference by unauthorized persons.
§ In 92% of centers that PACE observed, display officials provided equal assistance to all voters.
§ In 97% of centers observed, PACE did not see any intimidation of voters.
§ In 98% of centers observed, PACE did not see any interference by unauthorized persons in the process.
To Union Election Commission (UEC)
§ In order to mobilize the voters, UEC should undertake various ways to reach out and inform citizen to check their names on the list for
the final week.
§ UEC should make sure all the centers are opened according to the official schedule unless UEC or other sub-­‐commissions have officially announced the extension or delay of the display.
§ To build voters’ confidence over procedures and to promote transparency, UEC should give clear instruction to sub-­‐commissions to
follow all the procedures according the official guidelines to receive and resolve change requests.
§ To make sure that the public, CSOs and parties have been informed that where display has been delayed and extended.

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