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November 9, 2015 : Preliminary Report  – Election Day

November 9, 2015 : Preliminary Report – Election Day

Main findings
PACE observers deployed around the country to watch the opening, voting and closing and counting process. Overall, PACE saw an orderly election day process where voters were able to participate. Most polling stations opened on time and facilities were usually accessible to voters. PACE observers saw low rates of intimidation of voters at the polling stations. In general, observers were allowed to watch the process, though some faced difficulty at the beginning of the day. Political party and candidate agents were present in a large number of polling stations. PACE found that, in some polling stations, less than 10 people were turned away because they were not on the voter list. At the end of voting day, many stations still had a queue of voters and, in nearly all cases, those people were allowed to vote. Election officials in most locations followed voting procedures, however there were some isolated cases where some individuals not on the voter list were allowed
to vote. In nearly all locations, witnesses, observers and agents were allowed to stay during the count. Copies of the results form (Form 16) were posted in most locations. PACE observers did find some locations where advance ballots were not counted before election day ballots as required by procedures. Party and candidate agents raised complaints about the count in less than one-third of polling stations.
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