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PACE’s Press Release On Summary Findings Of 2018 By-elections Opening Process

PACE’s Press Release on Summary Findings of 2018 by-elections Opening Process

Overall, the voting process was smooth but there was a lack of understanding of the role of election observers by polling station officers. Also, the setup of the polling stations should be improved to make them accessible to voters with disabilities.

Yangon, November 3

On November 3, PACE and Phan Tee Eain deployed 579 short-term-observers to 12 townships to observe the by-elections for 12 vacant constituencies[1]. From reports received thus far, all PACE observers have been able to observe the process. PACE received isolated reports of observers not being able to enter the polling stations initially, but those incidents have been resolved. Due to problems in the communications network, PACE has not been able to receive observer reports from parts of Chin and Shan states. Therefore, there might be some changes in the findings at the final report.

Khin Lay Nge of Phan Tee Eain said, “It is worth to acknowledge that there is more gender equality of polling station members in these by-elections compared with previous elections.”

Sai Ye Kyaw Swar Myint of PACE said, “Even though the incidents where observers were not allowed to observe the elections initially because of confusion by polling station officials may not have a big impact in these by-elections, it is import to have more effective training for polling station officers for the 2020 general elections.”

[1] The process to fill the vacant Shan ethnic minister seat in Mandalay is not included in this observation.

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