PACE has developed its own data management software over the last 8 years. It was first developed in 2014 and used in conducting a public opinion survey assessing pre-election perceptions of Myanmar people. For the 2015 general election observation, PACE used the software to quickly collect the data from the volunteers deployed at the sample polling stations to assess the quality of the voting process. Since then, the software is continually used for data collection processes when PACE conducts election observation and opinion polls with frequent reviews and updates over the years.

This project is named “Da-Gar”, a Burmese word that means “The Door” in English, as we want to open the door for everyone to the next chapter of their pathways. Da-Gar is now open to everyone, especially for developers and organizations who would like to collect the data for their own research including election observation, opinion polls and different kinds of assessments. Anyone is free to use, learn, modify or distribute this project for any purpose, however, PACE is not responsible for any consequences resulting from one’s own modification or distribution of the project.

PACE welcomes any kind of contributions, suggestions, and comments on this project.