2020 Elections Observation Findings

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PACE Programmes

Democracy and Election Academy

Democracy and election academy trainings are conducted by PACE to promote electoral knowledge of citizens, to enhance the capacity of citizens and to encourage civic engagement.

Election Observation

PACE conducts nationwide observation on the overall electoral process (long-term and short-term) and identifies the exact positive and negative aspects of the electoral process. Recommendations and reports of the observation are published to encourage electoral legal reform that would promote transparency, responsibility and civic engagement.

Public Opinion Poll

PACE conducts its nationwide surveys according to internationally recognized methods of random statistical sampling. The purpose of conducting this kind of opinion polls is to aggregate and amplify the voices of ordinary citizens who would generally not be highlighted in the media.

Political Process Monitoring

Political process monitoring is a continuous course of actions by citizens or CSOs to gather & process data and report information with the aim to improve governance and raise awareness of a publicly funded process.

About PACE

People’s Alliance for Credible Elections (PACE) is an independent, non-partisan, non-government domestic election observer group based in Yangon. PACE was founded in 2013 to strengthen democratic institutions in Myanmar through safeguarding citizen rights and promoting public participation in the electoral process. To promote transparency, accountability and inclusiveness in the electoral process, PACE will mainly be working on civic and voter education, election observation and electoral reform.

Program Team

Program team coordinates and implements all networking activities and to manage the program logistics, database, data collection, analysis of program activities.

Communication Team

Communication team is responsible for branding PACE as a trustworthy, non-partisan political observer group. The team is tasked with planning and implementing communication strategy for PACE as well as networking with other stakeholders.

Leadership Team

Leadership team takes the responsibility of overseeing and leading the whole proposed program of PACE staffing, designing and reporting of all PACE activities.

Support Team

Logistics Team

Logistics team is responsible to provide logistic and administration support to all PACE’s activities.

Finance Team

Finance team is particularly works for managing finance and personal services in order to meet PACE policies and procedures.


Yangon Staff


S/R Coordinators


DE Academy




Statistics Random Sampling

To better understand public opinion on citizen’s preferences, PACE surveyed citizens of Myanmar who were 18 and above at the time of the survey.

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Focus Group Discussion

PACE held 6 focus group discussions with different backgrounds within Yangon region to analyze their opinions that concerns with Yangon Municipal Election . . .

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Sample Based Observation

Throughout its comprehensive observation of the election process, PACE designed and implemented systematic methodologies to ensure that their findings accurately . . .

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What We Do

The PACE is an independent civil society initiative to secure every citizen’s political rights and enhance electoral transparency and accountability through:

  • Citizen Observation of Electoral Processes
  • Civic Education and Public Outreach
  • Advocacy for Improve Electoral Framework
  • Research

PACE programmes are conducted with the financial support from Department for International Development (DFID/UKaid), National Democratic Institute (NDI), National Endowment for Democracy (NED), Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) and Open Society Myanmar (OSM).

PACE Milestones


Years of experience





Mission & Vision

PACE is a nationwide, nonpartisan organization with an international profile that will increase the acceptance of an independent civil society, citizen understanding of the electoral and political process and the government’s understanding of citizen’s priorities by gathering evidence, sharing findings and recommendations, and promoting a more inclusive, transparent and accountable political process.

PACE is an organization that pushes for awareness and change (improvements) in the political process using systematic methods to give voice to citizens who want a democratic transition.


Credibility 100%
Neutrality 100%
Independence 100%
Non-Partisan 100%

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