Democracy and Election Academy

Democracy and Election Academy is a series of civic education training courses conducted by People's Alliance for Credible Elections-PACE.

These courses are conducted with the intentions of sharing democracy and elections related knowledge and encouraging civic engagement in Myanmar.


Definition, types and characteristics of democracy;


Citizens, rights and duties of citizens;

Democratic elections and electoral processes; and

Conducting a play to demonstrate the lessons.

A total of 91 DE Academy courses were conducted by PACE and many other courses were conducted by other organizations who gained TOT from PACE until the courses had to be cancelled in prevention when Myanmar had its first-ever COVID-19 patient.

You can learn some of the contents of the curriculum: Democracy, Election and Civic Engagement watching the animation videos down below (In Burmese)

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Chapter (1)

Definition, Types &

Characteristics of Democracy


Chapter (3)

State & Government

What is a Citizen,

Rights & Duties of Citizens