A Study of Opinions on Elections of Myanmar Migrant Workers in Thailand

In February 2020, FED (Foundation for Education and Development) and PACE (People’s Alliance for Credible Elections) conducted an assessment to understand the level of awareness, the perception, and challenges to be able to participate in the elections within the Myanmar migrant workers communities at five regions in Thailand. Although we planned to release the findings before the 2020 General Elections, there were limitations caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the issue of PACE’s accreditation. It is important to note that since the limitation to access the complete list of the Myanmar migrant workers population in Thailand, our sampling frame is not complete and does not represent the Myanmar migrant workers in Thailand. Therefore, the findings in this report may not represent the views of the entire Myanmar migrant workers but we believe that these findings will be important and useful for further studies in the future.

Download the report here